Music in the past few years has evolved technically and creatively. My tryst with DJ music and DJ gear started with the creative possibilities that this area of music has on offer.

This website is the outcome of a need for a system which channels the technical offerings of the constantly evolving DJ scene. By doing this, I hope to establish an online presence which gives regular updates on the latest offerings and innovation in the DJ industry.

DJing is both the art and science of mixing music. And I have always been excited at the prospect of learning the various nuances of this genre.

When I am not pursuing my other interests, I love to study, experiment, discuss and share music and music related technology and information with other people.

This website is my perspective of the many advantages and creativity that technology can bring to music.

Are you looking for DJ and music gear that is best for jamming out music in the dance floor or recording studio or are you in a need to increase the energy and excitement in your show with the apt power-beat creation and want the best of remix software, mics, headphones, and powerful DJ controller to manage your show smoothly, then look no further.

My intent is to help guide you to the best gear suited for your style and budget.

With the vast plethora of choices available, the choice of the right music gear to fuel your hobby or professional interests may seem a very intimidating task. Given the high costs of musical gear, it is imperative that one makes a choice best suited for his/ her needs.

The website has on offer the latest reviews and comparative analysis not just in terms of specs alone but also in terms of the positives and drawbacks of each product and what it is best suited for.

This site offers a platform for people who are interested in music and musical gear to voice their opinion and express their viewpoint from a technical perspective. DJs do not just mix music, they promote music and can be very influential.

This website is the outcome of collective knowledge base and inputs from my friends and music enthusiasts who love working with all types of music technology. Therefore, this site is a resource that caters to every level and type of DJ and I don’t believe in limiting myself to any particular category of music technology and gear.

I prefer that my website be a neutral ground where the reviews are unbiased and hope to develop a healthy relationship with my readers based on trust. I wish to create a fun, friendly, respectful, and honest atmosphere in my website where the viewer opinion and comments would always be valued.

Constructive criticism is always welcome and you can always send in an email over any issue or queries relevant to the website and the products that it features.

Your feedback will be much valued.

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