Gemini G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel | 2017 Review

When you are a DJ, having a 4 channel controller will let you do almost everything you want for a gig.

But 4 channel mixers are by no means cheap and even if you find one that is really cheap, it is not without a trade off with regards to some other features.

But all hope is not lost, as Gemini has come up with a really inexpensive option with the Gemini G4V 4 channel DJ controller.

This USB DJ controller is so powerful that it can turn your simple MIDI device into a controller with great possibilities

It comes pre-mapped with the Virtual DJ software and is mappable with a host of other major DJ software packages too.

It also comes with a versatile output scheme and a touch-sensitive platter, making it a complete package that gives you more value for your money.

This is a great option for any budding DJs or hobbyists and the professionals as well who want a budget-friendly option.

Read on as we look into the features of this great controller so that you will know if this is the right one for you.

Gemini G4V – Best features:

  1. Good jogwheels

The jogwheels are large like some high end controllers but not light like those in the segment. Due to their weight they offer a good amount of inertia and stop moving the instant you take your hands off them. This is something that every DJ wants in their turntable.

Gemini GV Series G4V Professional Audio 4-Channel...
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE THAT PACKS A PUNCH: The G4V Virtual DJ Controller Consists Of 2...
  • ENDLESS MIXING OPTIONS: The G4V 4-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, Gain and Filter control on...
  • EASY TO USE TOUCH CONTROLS: The G4V Unit Features A Multitude Of Touch Controls Including...
  1. Easy set-up

Setting up your controller is very easy as all you need to do is either install the Virtual DJ LE software from the supplied CD or directly install it from Gemini’s website. This takes only a matter of minutes after which you are ready to twist, tap and toggle all you want.

  1. Solid construction

The G4V has a sturdy construction with an all-metal body made of stainless steel to be long-lasting even when being lugged around frequently.

  1. Controls

The mixer section is a simple and clear grid pattern with two decks on each side. Every channel is equipped with a 600 mm line fader, a monitor button and a prominent filter knob for ease of use, a 3 band EQ, a gain control knob and a load button. What’s even better, each channel has its dedicated VU meter. This is a feature you will love for sure!

  1. Quick controls

The controller makes it easy to DJ with quick keys for frequently used options such as Hot cues, auto-loop option, sampler, manual loop modes etc. 

  1. More decks to play around

The controller comes with two physical decks and 4 virtual software decks with EQ giving you enough possibilities. You can get as creative as you want and come up with your own great mixes.

  1. Multiple output

The G4V comes with a balance master XLR output, a master and booth RCA outputs that can be connected to the speakers. This means there is no dearth of options when it comes to output. What’s even better, each of these outputs come with their dedicated volume controls. In addition to these, there is also a front ¼ headphone output.

  1. Superior sound

The controller comes equipped with a 24-bit audio interface that produces professional sound quality. This is especially important when you have to monitor, record or playback your music.

  1. A USB controller

Being a USB controller, the USB port enables you to connect it to your laptop with just a USB cable.

  • LED monitors

As gigs are usually in poor light conditions, it is important to have some sort of visual feedback of the control levels. The G4V has active LED level monitors that help you perform with ease even in difficult situations.

  1. Intuitive design

A good DJ controller is not just high on features, but should be easy to work with. The layout design of the G4V and the placement of the faders, knobs and pad is very intuitive. This, in addition to the touch-sensitive jog wheels simply makes the entire equipment super fun to work with. You will feel totally in control when you are at your favorite gig.

  • Versatile

Not only does it come pre-mapped with the Virtual DJ software, it is also compatible with a host of other major DJ software packages. In short, it can work with any software that had MIDI learn features.

  • Compact

The G4V is really compact measuring a mere 3 ft. by 2 ft. and having a depth of only 2 inches. So taking you controller to your gigs is no more a big routine involving lugging of a heavy and large controller.

  • Price

The G4V is the best USB 4-channel controller that you will find at a great price of under $350. It is also one of the best 4-channel controllers that comes with a lot of features for its price point.

  • Positive reviews

The G4V fares as one of the best 4 channel DJ controllers in the segment and customers not only swear by its performance but love it for its lowest price tag. It has got some great reviews and has a good 4.3 star rating out of a possible 5 on the Amazon website.

  • Quality

The DJ controller is made of a strong steel shell and the plastic controls are very durable. It comes with a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Gemini GV Series G4V Professional Audio 4-Channel...
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE THAT PACKS A PUNCH: The G4V Virtual DJ Controller Consists Of 2...
  • ENDLESS MIXING OPTIONS: The G4V 4-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, Gain and Filter control on...
  • EASY TO USE TOUCH CONTROLS: The G4V Unit Features A Multitude Of Touch Controls Including...


What is a review without the negative points of the product? Here are the cons of the controller that can help you decide if this is the right one for you.

  • Software upgrade – The virtual DJ LE software cannot be used professionally and if you don’t have the pro version with you already, then you will have to spend a good extra $300 dollars for the upgrade
  • No pitch bend – The G4V does not have the +/- pitch bends which can feel like a serious handicap to some. 

Advantages over competition

  • VU meter – In the G4V, each channel has its own separate VU meter which is not found even in most modern controllers
  • Crossfader – The crossfader in the G4V has an interesting feature that sets it apart from others. It comes with assignment buttons on each side which are activated only when the Shift button is pressed to avoid any accidental pressing while using the faders.
  • Best price –The controller packs a lot of features than others in the segment and at a competitive price point. Its budget-friendly price point makes it a big hit with novice DJs.
  • Lightweight –Despite having an all-metal body, it weighs a mere 11.2 lbs. making it super lightweight and easily portable. 


The Gemini G4V is great on its looks with large jogwheels, an all-metal solid body, nice pads and knobs. It has got some great features for its price point that makes it a hit amidst novice musicians, DJ hobbyists and freelancing professionals alike.

It costs only half as much as some of its competitors. If you are already using the Virtual DJ pro, then it would just make it such a good bargain.

Also, this controller is a great option if you have a 2 channel mixer and have always wanted to upgrade to a 4 channel mixer

But if you want to buy cheap DJ controller, you can even get this one when there is a discount on the market and that would obviously be an even better deal. You won’t even have to compromise on quality or features in the name of buying a cheap controller.

All in all, we hope that this review has been helpful in learning about the capabilities of the G4V. Who knows? Maybe it will make it to your shopping cart after all.

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Gemini G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel
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