Numark iDJ Pro | DJ Controller (iPad) 2017 Review

Love to mix your tracks and create something totally new and fun? Love to DJ?

If your answer has been yes, then you ought to own a good DJ controller.

All those knobs, wheels and strips can change a simple mundane track into something totally different

A DJ controller sends signals to the computer it is connected to, and tells it what to do.

Unlike a DJ mixer which does all the mixing, the controller only tells the computer what to and the DJ can preview the music before he plays it to the audience. A MIDI or HID output is enough to connect to the computer.

These controllers are designed to work with a few software programs, though it can be made to work with other programs as well, with added effort.

Numark iDJ Pro

The iDJ pro from Numark has all the latest technology integrated into a single unit.

Numark iDJ Pro | Professional DJ Controller for...
  • Integrates touchscreen and processing power of iPad into DJ control surface
  • Large die-cast aluminum volume knobs; absolute precision control to work seamlessly with...
  • Capacitive touch-activated platters, Hot Cues, Loop, and Effects controls

You can insert you iPad into the given slot and use it for all the controls. Designed the conventional way, this controller has two jog wheels and the mixer layout that can be used along with your iPad. These easy-to-use controls make this controller one of the best on the market.

Best Features

Some of the features of the Numark iDJ Pro are:

Ipad Integration – The controller has a slot specifically designed for the iPad and it can be fit in to it and used easily. Now you can do all the mixing on your iPad and the controller will deliver the music accordingly.

iPad App – This controller can work seamlessly with the iPad App – djay. This App by Algoriddim is an award winning App that makes the entire DJing process easier.

Controls – The volume knobs are made of die cast aluminum. It also has capacitive touch activated platters, hot cues and loop.

Inputs – it has an RCA input and a ¼ inch microphone input.

Output – This device has a pair of XLR outputs in addition to the RCA output connectors

Jog Wheels – The jog wheels are big in size. This makes it easy to scratch.

Color – The controller is fitted with green and blue LED lights. This not only looks bright and attractive in the dark or low lit room, but also gives the device a futuristic look.

Safety – The controller also has a preset Kensington security lock, to ensure no one takes your controller away when you are not around.

Microphone – There is a microphone input on the front panel. It has the simple gain and tone controls only. However there is an auxiliary input via which sound sources in the future can be added to the controller and used seamlessly.

Updates – The Numark iDJ Pro has an iPad dock through which you can receive firmware updates. So, your device will get its update easily, without you having to download or track anything.

MIDI – The controller receives signals from the iPad, in the MIDI format. Hence this device can be used with other Apps in the market too.

iPad Charger – When your iPad is docked in the controller, the cable charges the iPad automatically. Hence one need not worry about the iPad running out of charge in the middle of your gig.

Negative Points

Though this controller has many features, it has the following negatives too:

NO Light On Jog Wheels – Though the jog wheels are big and easy to use, they do not have LED lights like rest of the device or other models from Numark. This makes it a little tricky to find the right wheel while playing in the dark.

Volume Controls – The volume controls are in dial format and not the faders that are generally used in such controllers. Hence it will not only be difficult to fade out your track seamlessly but it will be challenging to use too. Those DJs who use other controllers may need some time to get used to it at first.

No Lock For iPad – Thought there is a preset lock for the controller itself, there is no loc for the iPad. Hence you cannot leave your controller unattended for you may lose your iPad.

Numark iDJ Pro | Professional DJ Controller for...
  • Integrates touchscreen and processing power of iPad into DJ control surface
  • Large die-cast aluminum volume knobs; absolute precision control to work seamlessly with...
  • Capacitive touch-activated platters, Hot Cues, Loop, and Effects controls

Short Connector – The connector cable available to hook in your iPad is short. So, when you want to connect your iPad, you have to do it upside down, with the home button on top.

Auxiliary Compatibility – Though the auxiliary input can be used to connect any other sound source, it is quite difficult to use it without an EQ or crossfader.

Quality – The quality of the controller parts and body is not one of the best in the market.

No Crossfader Control – The crossfader cannot be adjusted on the controller directly. You will have to go into the djay App and only adjust it.

Advantages Over Competition

Despite its negatives and the high level of competition in the market, this DJ connector is more preferred due to the following reasons:

Fits Your iPad – No matter which version of the iPad you own, you can still attach it to this connector. The newer versions which are smaller than the old versions, can be connected and held in place using the Velcro straps in place.

Know Your Music – There are three buttons on each deck, in addition to the settings button. These buttons help you know the status of your current track , such as the loop length, the effects used, etc.

FX – Hold down this button to use a pre chosen effect for your current track. Out of the five different effects available, you can choose one and use it as and when you like during the gig. All you have to do is press down the button for as long as you want the effect. Once you are done, remove your finger off the button and the song will go back to the original form.

Loop – One important factor in DJing is playing a few tracks on loop. Press the loop button to know how long the current loop is for.

Waveform – A repeatedly requested feature is now added in this device. Press down this button and get a zoomed in view of the waveform currently in use.

Adaptable – The makers guarantee that no matter how the charging pin of the iPad changes, they will come up with suitable adapter.


When you are a DJ, it is unlimited fun every night you have a gig. Though some may do this as a full time job, there are many who are into this only on a part time basis. For such people, investing in an expensive controller is not a viable choice.

For those who want to buy cheap yet a well loaded controller, this device is a great option.

Though this controller is not made of very high quality materials, it is good enough to last through your DJ gigs when you are not a professional who will use it for many hours every single night. It is a good quality device at the best price the market has to offer.

When you search on Amazon, you are sure to find a good discount for this device.

So, go online, buy this controller and enjoy your DJ gigs like never before. If you want to add more to the fun element, the LED lit knobs and wheels can make you feel like you are controlling a space shuttle.

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Numark iDJ Pro | DJ Controller (iPad)
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