Traktor S2 Best Price and 2017 Review | MK2 DJ Controller

With technological advances, the music scene has been constantly evolving and there is a wide array of DJ equipment choices for those looking at an all-in-one controller that mixes and churns out great music.

Deciding a hardware that is compatible with most of the music software, and understanding their various features and the music genres that they work best with can be a challenge.

So, what does one look for in a DJ controller?

Well, there is no particular list of what to look for, because the needs vary from person to person.

Also, your decision should be based on the DJ software that you would like to play with.

If you are relatively new to the DJ scene, it is best to make an informed decision based on the Amazon ratings, best prices, and reviews of the various DJ controllers on the market.

The product on review is the new Traktor S2 by native instruments, and it is a 2+1 deck digital DJ controller. It is a complete laptop DJ system and has some of the best advantages of the S2 and S4 put together.

The Best Features of the Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2DJ Controller

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ...
  • Updated MK2 hardware with new duo-tone design and improved fader reliability
  • Plug-and-play support for hands-on control over TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone
  • Silicone-damped jog wheels with aluminum top plates for high-resolution cueing and...

The Traktor S2 is a 2+1Channel DJ system and comes with a:

  • Plug and play support with Traktor DJ for iPad and iPhone.
  • It has a 2-deck controller, soundcard, flagship Traktor Pro2 software compatible with PC/ Mac.
  • Updated MK2 hardware with new duo-tone design and improved fader reliability.
  • Silicone-damped, jog wheels with aluminium top plates.
  • Intuitive visual feedback for fluid DJ workflow.
  • Illuminated buttons work well whether in broad daylight or night fall.
  • System requirements: Mac OS, Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 or 8(latest service pack, 32/64 bit), 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5 or equal AMD processor, 4GB RAM.

The Pros of the Traktor Kontrol S2:

  • The hardware is thoughtfully designed and allow adequate scope for adjustments that always can coordinate well with the software.
  • This is one unit that gives greater fader reliability. This means that it is reasonably accurate and good enough for smooth seamless mixing.
  • The knobs in this 2deck controller are well placed and help in getting the music levels right.
  • The rubberised pads found below the jog wheels help to give energetic live performances and withstand any amount of button smashing and drumming.
  • The interface can be customised to suit the different preferences and the music library is easily manageable.
  • The Pro2 coordinated with the new S2 churn out amazing beats and pave way for flawless mixing with a lot of flexibility.
  • The control unit is smooth, sturdy, and durable and portable. The entire unit looks compact and has all the essentials put together, including the Pro 2 DJ software.
  • The Traktor S2 is versatile and can work in tandem with a bigger DJ setup, that may already be in place.

The Negative Points of the Traktor Kontrol S2:

  • There are mixed reactions on the build/ construction of the unit. It has a very plastic feel to it.
  • It has no additional inputs apart from a microphone port and there is no scope for playing music from any other source in case of a malfunction or a system breakdown.
  • The jog wheels feel a bit mechanical rather than being digital and touch sensitive.
  • The cross fader is non-replaceable and could be a snag at times.
  • The manual is a difficult to comprehend and gives more focus to the software than the hardware controls.
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ...
  • Updated MK2 hardware with new duo-tone design and improved fader reliability
  • Plug-and-play support for hands-on control over TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone
  • Silicone-damped jog wheels with aluminum top plates for high-resolution cueing and...

The benefits of the Traktor S2 over the other DJ controllers:

The Traktor Kontrol S2 is a very compact unit which functions as a small yet powerful controller. At affordable prices, it has some of the best features combined of the earlier versions and delivers a highly impactful performance.

Unlike many of its competitors, a striking improvement of this unit is that it can work in conjunction with a bigger unit. There are many units in this price range that are made entirely of plastic.

  • However, the S2, has a thick plastic construction with metal top surface and a glossy polymer finish over the mixer section. It does a good job of playing in tough DJ conditions unlike many of its competitors.
  • The unit is versatile and gives great scope for flexibility and can perform well in a “live action” party or studio recording. The Native Instruments are very popular world over and their Traktor Pro software is highly sought-after.
  • When compared to the earlier versions and the competitors in the same league, the Traktor S2 is has slick and smooth faders with a very seamless design which paves way for smooth and natural mixing.
  • The design element is trendy and the unit is relatively lightweight and portable. This DJ controller makes it to the top models list because of its ease functionality.
  • This unit is available in Amazon and other online sites and you can buy it at cheap discounts and it may be fully worth the investment if you know what to expect from the Traktor S2.
  • This is an all – in – one model, unlike many other units in the same range. The assembly is easy and can be played straight out of the box without much fuss and difficulty. The entire process of setup and playing is breezy unlike other models which are complicated and need some getting used to.
  • This is one Traktor control model from Native Instruments, that works well with beginners as well as amateur and professionals who look for a more customised setup.

There are two independent outputs with volume control for monitoring and recording. The backlit RGB LED buttons are more stylish and useful than the partially lit buttons of the previous models and work well in any setup.

Unlike many other models in the same range and the precious Traktor models, like the MK1, the Traktor S2 has a metallic finish or aluminium topped jog wheels that feel more sturdy and solid.  The operation is easy and smooth.  The new S2 MK2 does have some depth and some thoughtful add-ons, when compared to the other models.


Overall, it can be said that the Traktor Kontrol S2 is a very thoughtful update of the previous versions. It is a fabulous all-in-one, two-deck controller with great potential. The unit is very compact and portable. It is simple to use and can be operated straight out-of-the-box without much ado and complication.

It is a great unit for a small gig or smaller setups

The tricks and the versatility that can be managed with this unit is impressive and can give high energy performances. The best thing about the Traktor S2 is that it can easily be adapted and coordinated with a bigger unit for larger setups and studio recordings and the like.

It is a great mixer with the best prices and is ideal for mix and scratch DJ performances. If you are looking a decently performing, professionally sounding, easy-to-carry DJ controller, then this could be the one for you. However,if you already own the Traktor Pro, then this unit may not sound as exciting.

This is a great beginner DJ controller and fun to use and practice with.

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Traktor S2
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