The Best Numark DJ controller reviewed – 2017

DJ controllers are the most important thing for a hobbyist or a professional DJ.

From a wedding to a night club, no party is complete without a DJ

There are many factors like portability or size, looks, quality, budget, etc. that should be paid attention to while buying a DJ controller.

Picking out a best DJ controller which is compatible with DJ software is a bit complicated work. The best DJ controller for you will be the one that assists natural extension to your DJ software.

Numark DJ controller has always been considered one of the bests in the market. It has always accepted and improved new technologies that help to improve the mixing capability of DJs.

With over 40 years of experience of making best products for DJs, renowned brand Numark has multiple options for you to choose from as per your prerequisite. Here is a review of high-techNumark DJ controllers that are packed with innovative features:

Numark NVII:

Numark NVII | DJ Controller for Serato DJ with...
  • Dual-screen controller with new display options for professional DJ ready to keep laptop...
  • Integrated display screens let you focus on music and crowd, not the computer, during...
  • Upgraded layout with clear markings and touch-capacitive knobs for fast, responsive...

This product has four decks of cutting edge Serato DJ controller with a pair of inbuilt high-resolution screens. Numark NVII shows grid lines for easier visual beat-matching. It has five columns music sorting that helps you go through music according to:

  • Artist name
  • Title
  • Key
  • BPM (Beats per minute)
  • Time

It has a dual-screen controller with new display options. It has upgraded its layout with clear markings and touch-captive knobs. Low-profile design makes it easily portable controller. It has Dual 4.3-inch-full color screen.

There are no upgrade purchases required with this DJ controller. With more control over displays, it helps you to focus more on music instead of a laptop. It gives you stress-free access to music files on your computer even if your folders are not categorized perfectly.

It has backlit RGB feedback that is an add-on with 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads. It also includes 10 pad modes that include loop slicing, hot cues, and sample triggering. This DJ controller is for Serato controller with brilliant dual-display screen and touch-capacitive.

One of the most interesting thing about this controller is it gives 1:1 real-time visualization of Serato DJ.

Technical Specification: Power: 12 V DC, 2 A, center positive, power adapter included, Connection: RCA stereo output pairs, Bit depth: 16 –bit, Serato DJ included. 1/4-inch mic input or 1/8-inch output for your headphones.

NumarkMixtrack Pro 3:

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | USB DJ Controller with...
  • ONE PLUG: DJ Controller powered by USB connection to computer for home and aspiring DJs
  • BUILT-IN SOUND CARD: Connects directly to headphones, microphones, and speakers.
  • SERATO DJ INTRO: Software download included after free controller registration

If you are looking for a DJ controller which is USB powered and can bring a solid performance straight out of the box then this is the best option for you. It is a must have product for a home or a professionally aspiring DJ.

This product has 2 channels with three bands EQ to kill with a dual hi/low pass filter. The metering is sparse with three greens, amber, and a single red LED. It is much sleeker, shallower and has wider shape with touch sensitive jog wheels.

It is a product with built-in soundtrack and 100 mm pitch sliders to keep beats in perfect sync.

It is a perfect acquiescent with Mac and PC. To start mixing music all you need now is a laptop and a Mixtrack pro 3. It is a perfect product for beginners which would not burn a hole in their pocket.

Technical specification: 1/4-inch microphone input, standard RCA output, 1/4- inch and 1/8-inch headphone output connections.

Numark IDJ Pro:

Numark iDJ Pro | Professional DJ Controller for...
  • Integrates touchscreen and processing power of iPad into DJ control surface
  • Large die-cast aluminum volume knobs; absolute precision control to work seamlessly with...
  • Capacitive touch-activated platters, Hot Cues, Loop, and Effects controls

It is a bold and exciting concept which works really well. Professionally aspiring DJ or a professional one, Numark has a product for everyone. It is a niche product which is perfectly implemented.

To have a perfect music mixing experience all you need is iPad and Numark IDJ Pro. It has Kensington security lock connector, which ensures its safety. As far as ventilation is concerned, unit on DJ Pro has been designed in a way that there is sufficient circulation around Ipad during use.

This DJ controller is a perfect combination for an i-pad. It gives access to the touchscreen interface of Algoriddim’sdjay app. It features a sleek brushed-aluminum casing. The brushed metal surface gives a quality feel to the build. It is equipped with all the professional control. The auxiliary input could be used for adding a further sound source.

With the help of effects control, it let you create brilliant transition and amazing mixes. DJ pro permits you with access to the cloud. It has a dock for an iPad. There is no need for a stereo splitter cable in DJ pro as all audio routing is handled within the unit.

This product is party ready as it comes with a professional microphone and external device input. It has capacitive touch-activated platters. It is compatible with Airplay and Bluetooth for better wireless experience in your music mixing.

There is an interesting feature in DJ pro that firmware updates will be delivered to the unit via the docked iPad through djay app.

Technical Specification: RCA inputs, 1/4- inch mic input, XLR output, Brushed aluminum casing with hot cue, loop and effect control.


There are plenty of products available in the market when it comes to Numark DJ controllers.

All DJ controllers are not made equal. Choices should be made according to your taste and requirement. Factors like budget, quality, feature etc. should be paid attention to while buying a DJ controller.

As mentioned earlier picking/buying a DJ controller which should be compatible with your DJ controller is a bit of tricky or intricate decision. This review will help the professionally aspiring DJs and professional ones too.

Once can easily choose the right product if they are aware of the detailed information on the product.

Each DJ controller is different from other.

Numark DJ controllerhas a wide range of products in the market which provides multiple options to the consumer to buy the best product for them. This brand has a reputed name in the market because of the high-quality products and huge experience in this field.

Numark has always kept their standards high with their good quality product which keeps their consumer’s faith in them.

Controller Model Dimensions Model Number Model Weight
Numark NVII 12.4 x 1.8 x 21.61 inches NVII 7 pounds
NumarkMixtrack Pro 3 9.2 x 1.2 x 21.6 inches Mixtrack Pro 3 4.4 pounds
NumarkiDJ Pro 13 x 22 x 2 inches idjpro 7.7 pounds


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The Best Numark DJ controller reviewed
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