Numark NVII DJ Controller for Serato DJ! 2017 Review

DJing just got better with the new Numark NV II DJ controller.

It has it all to help you DJ like a professional

Great looks, almost perfect design and performance to match; this piece is a keeper. And that is not all; you can actually touch and feel the music too in this Controller.

Quality, innovation and affordability are the hallmark of Numark, a pioneer in the field of DJ controllers. Each and every review of this product has highlighted the following features that set this controller apart in a crowd.

  • Two 4.3-inch full-color screens
  • Adaptive 5-inch touch-activated platters
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads and
  • Four deck controls are a few of the many features that make this piece so unique.

There are several other features too that make this high quality Numark NV II so desirable.

Let’s quickly go through the Numark NV review to find out all the good things and not so great features of this NV II controller.

The best features of the Numark NV II

Numark NVII | DJ Controller for Serato DJ with...
  • Dual-screen controller with new display options for professional DJ ready to keep laptop...
  • Integrated display screens let you focus on music and crowd, not the computer, during...
  • Upgraded layout with clear markings and touch-capacitive knobs for fast, responsive...
  1. Great Price:

The Numark NV 2 price is the best thing about the package besides the controller itself. For providing a professional level performance this piece is very reasonably priced around $ 700 on Amazon. For the unbeatable features it offers this controller is definitely worth every cent spent on it.

  1. Easy to set up:

The package comes with the Serato DJ software. You just need to download the latest version on your laptop from the Numark website. Then it is pretty straightforward.  Just connect the USB to the computer and your NV II, and voila you are all set.

  1. Easy to start DJing:

It is always easy to begin with some sample. There are a few samples that you can begin with before you can start storing your loop mashups and hot cues in the expansion pack.

  1. Presence of two screens:

You need not look at your laptop anymore because of the presence of the two 4.3 inch full color screen. The display is clear and HD quality.

  1. 5 column sorter:

It has become really easy to hone your DJ skills with the 5 column sorter. Here you can easily keep track of the song, artist, bpm, time and key. This in fact helps you visualize the beat better.

  1. Easy to navigate:

In this version the makers have made sure that it is easy to navigate between files, folders and crates. Thanks to the additional features like:

  • Knob that aids to load
  • Button to swap between the decks
  • Five column sorter
  • Easy and quick onboard controls that can be easily turned on and off.
  1. Touch activated platters:

You can actually feel the music and the mixing with your fingertips when you use the two 5 inch touch activated platters.  This is very useful for manipulation during mixing. In fact, thanks to these unique platters you can create your own style and your controller will remember that.

  1. Lightweight and portable

Be it a wedding or a party or a small get together, you can be the star. With your acquired DJing skills you can take the Numark NV II anywhere anytime because it is so sleek, compact and lightweight.

  1. 16 Velocity sensitive pads:

It is really easy to set up your cue points and loops with these 16 velocity sensitivity pads. They are also great for finger drumming and slicing and rolls. Next, the pads are color coded for each mode and have bright backlight which enables you to use the controller in dark environment also.

  1. Four Deck Control:

It truly is a breeze to create remixes and also to check your progress on the screen with the high quality Numark NV II. It is really simple to change between the decks with just a click. Therefore, you can now decide whether you want to use all four decks for instrumental music or want to do a mashup for a party.

  1. Tool remix pack is a blessing:

As seen from Numark NV II Amazon, the tool remix pack is a real boon to those who want something more from their controller. With this pack you can create your own drops, build-ups and even create live remixes.

That is not all; you have access to textures and grooves much needed for live remixes. The pack actually provides you an opportunity to create your own style.


The negative features of the Numark NV II

There are a few drawbacks which though not major still need your attention.

  1. Plastic frame:

The body is sadly made of plastic which lowers the aesthetic look and also the durability of the product. It becomes necessary that you pay extra attention to protecting the controller during travelling and storing.

  1. Can’t be used as a standalone mixer:

There is no exclusive mixer mode to mix with eternal source. Hence this can’t be used as a standalone mixer during DJing.

  1. Only one plug-in:

There is only one plug-in which is very inconvenient because at a time you can connect only one turntable and no equalizers at all. To be able to connect both you will need to purchase an additional Y shaped chord.

  1. No carrying case given:

The plastic frame requires protection but no carrying case is provided. You will need to purchase a separate carrying case for your NV II from Amazon.

  1. Need laptop at all times:

The Numark NV II can’t read from a USB stick. You will need a laptop at all times.

  1. You cannot use the aux and the microphone at the same time.


Numark NVII | DJ Controller for Serato DJ with...
  • Dual-screen controller with new display options for professional DJ ready to keep laptop...
  • Integrated display screens let you focus on music and crowd, not the computer, during...
  • Upgraded layout with clear markings and touch-capacitive knobs for fast, responsive...

Advantages over its competitors:

There are several advantages that this Numark NV II has over its nearest competitors.

  1. Unbeatable price:

A controller with several high-end features that help you perform like a pro, the price is really reasonable and definitely affordable.

  1. 3 inch color display screen:

This nails the deal entirely. You are no longer dependent on your laptop for your gigs and mixing. The screen provides real time feedback of the software Serato DJ along with FX effects, cue points and waveforms.

  1. Addition of gridlines:

These gridlines ensure that you are able to keep track of the beats. The five column sorter also helps DJs to focus on their skills as bmp, key, song, artist and the time are displayed on the single screen. This keeps the DJ in control all the time.

  1. Touch capacitive Jogwheels:

These jogwheels are exclusive to Numark NV II. The platters are so intelligent that they remember how fast, slow or hard or soft your touch is and adjust accordingly. In fact, this will be unique to your style.


According to the Numark review, the product is suited for club use and for DJs who do road shows.

A great integration of software with performance and looks, this controller will not let a screen form a barrier between you and your audience. You can safely tuck your laptop out of sight and focus on DJing fully as you connect with your audience.

Next, it is compact and lightweight. So you can carry it anywhere you want to do a gig quite easily. Besides that it can be set up in really small spaces and also stored easily because it doesn’t take much space.

If you are convinced with this Numark review you can buy the Numark NV II on Amazon.

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Numark NVII DJ Controller for Serato DJ
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