Pioneer DDJ SX2 Review | Serato Compatible Controller – 2017

There are many factors that determine the success of any party.

One of the most important reasons apart from food, drinks and ambience is music. Music plays an important role in deciding whether your party is going to remembered about in a good way, long after the party is over.

When we talk about music at a party, we naturally think about the disc jockey or DJ

The DJ is the one who is in charge of the music and if you need unforgettable music, you need to make sure you have the best equipment for the DJ.

The equipment DJs use today consists of a variety of devices that perform various functions. DJs mix music with DJ software using different components such as knobs, jog wheels, faders, touchstrips etc. All this is possible using a DJ controller.

Today there are DJ controllers that are manufactured by different companies and Pioneer is one of the most well known brands in this market segment.

Today look at one of the popular DJ controllers by this brand, the Pioneer DDJ SX2. To find out about its best features and much more, here is the Pioneer DDJ SX2 review.

Pioneer DDJ SX2 Review – Best features:

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller
  • Dedicated buttons for Serato FLIP
  • 4-Channel Performance DJ Controller Designed for Serato DJ
  • Updated Jog Wheel with "Hot Cue Countdown"
  • Good looks:

The Pioneer DDJ SX2 is a better version of the DDJ-SX and it retains many of its must-have features.

The feel, form and functionality of the DDJ SX2 make it very comfortable to use.With the layout of the buttons, sliders and Performance Pads, this DJ controller gives you an experience to match the applicable software functions.

The DDJ SX2 sports an aluminum top panel and a brushed aluminum finish on the jog wheels for a great look and feel. It is also ready for Serato DJ DVS upgrade.

  • 4-channel controller designed for Serato DJ:

This 4-channel controller works with Serato DJ. All you need to do is it to connect it to the laptop, plug in the speakers and it is ready for use.

  • Buttons for Serato Flip:

The Serato Flip is an add-on feature that lets you create your own edits or routines. This can be done using hot cues or the censor button.

  • Two jog wheels with Hot Cue Countdown feature:

The two jog wheels are the best in terms of tightness and they do not sacrifice on portability. The center displays of both jogs have red cue point markers and a cue countdown timer in the middle.

  • Multi-colored performance pads:

These illuminated and multi-functional Performance Pads control around 8 Serato DJ functions. These pads also double as alerts to various actions and commands especially for drum roll or beats.

  • Superior sound:

This DJ controller gives you clear sound even when the volume is high due to the larger headroom and superlative signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Needle search feature:

This feature allows users to jump immediately to a particular part of the track by a simple touch of the Needle Search pad.

  • Slip mode:

The slip mode creates smooth and seamless transitions. In this mode, the song playback continues silently during a performance loop, scratch or hot cue. The playback becomes audible again when loop, scratch or hot cue operation ends.

  • Cross-Fader curve and Channel Fader Start:

The Cross-Fader curve suits any type of mixing style. The Channel Fader Start feature enables the use of the channel fader to control and play/cue tracks.

Pioneer DDJ SX2 Review – Negative points:

  • Only a better version of the DDJ SX model:

This can be a negative point for someone who already has the original DDJ-SX. It has some great additional features but it is still only a better version of the original instead of being a new monster performer altogether.

  • Buy separate Serato’s DVS Pack:

As much as it is functional, the DDJ SX2 supports the Serato DJ DVS function. However, in order to get a better experience users will need to buy Serato’s DVS Expansion pack to use Serato DJ deck control on the DDJ SX2.

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller
  • Dedicated buttons for Serato FLIP
  • 4-Channel Performance DJ Controller Designed for Serato DJ
  • Updated Jog Wheel with "Hot Cue Countdown"

Advantages over competition:

  1. Serato Flip function:

This is one of the best features of the DDJ SX2. You hit the Record button to tell Serato to record a Flip. Then perform the cue jumps or the censor button if you want to remove certain words, and finally save it in a Flip slot.

All this can be done far more quickly on the DDJ SX2 than on a laptop as you have all the controls on the device itself. You can easily record, perform, store and playback your Flip.

  1. Illuminated Performance Pads:

The Performance Pads are RGB backlit pads unlike the blue color in the original DDJ-SX. This gives you the advantage of color-coding your hot cues. Now you can easily recall and recognize them in a booth without adequate lighting.

  1. Jog wheel display:

The center display of both jogs have cue point markers and cue countdown timer, whichis beneficial for scratch DJs. It acts as a visual aid and lets them maintain their focus on the controller rather than a laptop screen.

The jog wheels are very responsive and smooth compared to the others. There is also a bit of improved wheel time, which is definitely a plus.

  1. High quality audio:

You get a nice amplified MIC input (balanced) due to its inbuilt audio interface, giving you high quality audio.

  1. More functionality:

The DDJ SX2 has four external inputs. This makes it possible for you to connect various devices such as CD players, analog turntables, microphones and much more. You can do all this without the need to connect to a computer or laptop. It offers dual Master Outputs (XLR and RCA) along with a single Booth Out for connecting to an external PA system.

It has a master level meter, which gives you the ability to adjust sound instantaneously. It also gives you independent output controls and there is a display indicator for each channel when it is used as standalone mixer.

  1. Traktor integrated:

The DDJ SX2 will work in some capacity with Traktor Pro 2. While the alignment may not be perfect, but this means that this device is not solely a Serato controller. It would be a good buy if you are a dedicated Traktor user and want to experience the quality and features of Pioneer products.

  1. Great price:

All the great features of the DDJ SX2 come at the best price. It is also available on Amazon where it is possible for you to buy cheap and get a good discount.


The Pioneer DDJ SX2 is one of the best products on the market today. It gives DJs dedicated control of the Serato Flip function and it is one of the first DJ controllers in the industry to do so.

With its designated hardware buttons to Record, Start and Slot, you can store up to six sequences and it puts Serato Flip performances right at your fingertips. Now the music can play all night long and you will always be in tune with the crowd.

If you are looking for a premium 4-channel Serato DJ controller available in this price range it should definitely be on the top of your list. If you are keen to use Serato Flip, which is one of the main draws of this controller then you should buy it.

It is a product with solid features and the combination of price and features make it a complete package. It is one of the best and fully loaded controllers in its price range.

The Pioneer DDJ SX2 surely has all the features needed for every DJ in the modern world. This product is new, it is game changing and no other gear has equaled or exceeded its performance.

The market is always coming up with a number of choices in this category. This is a dedicated and all-in-one controller for the DJ who is searching for the best product.

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Pioneer DDJ SX2 Review
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