The Best and Most Recommended DJ Controller List – 2017

A Disc Jockey is popular depending on the kind of music he plays.

In this day and age, when there are people with a variety of interests in the room, it is really hard to satisfy them all and keep them engrossed in the music.
If the people are to be seduced to the dance floor willingly, the music has to be really good.

The talent of the DJ matters.

Now, he has different musical tools to help him bring the best out of the music list.
Enter a DJ Controller. This device helps the DJ mix the music using various tricks. They are nothing but jog wheels, knobs, touch strips and encoders.

Control over the software comes easily to the DJ and the result is truly musical. The technology is advanced enough to manipulate the music into something else completely different.
Let’s have a look at five products that are the most recommended for 2017 and what they can do to the music industry

1. Denon DJ MCX8000

Denon DJ MCX8000 | Standalone DJ Player and Serato...
  • No laptop needed: includes revolutionary Denon DJ Engine standalone technology
  • 2 USB inputs for Engine playback in standalone mode
  • Includes 4-deck Serato DJ software

Conversion of ordinary music into something incredibly amazing to the ear is the magic that the Denon DJ MCX8000 can do. This standalone equipment has 2 hi-definition display screens control that enable easy use.
It is armed with a four-channel digital mixer and three built-in instant effects for line inputs and engine software.

With a solid metal construction that is buttoned up with incredibly sensitive performance pads, the Denon DJ is one of the most popularly sold items on Amazon.
There is no computer needed for this.

The solid metal construction and the velocity sensitive performance pads for the cues, slicers, rolls and samples make this product feature in the best and most recommended DJ controller list of 2017.
Create your own playlist and set different cue points to play the list of your lifetime. The DVS upgrade package gives this product unlimited possibilities.

2. Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller
  • Dedicated buttons for Serato FLIP
  • 4-Channel Performance DJ Controller Designed for Serato DJ
  • Updated Jog Wheel with "Hot Cue Countdown"

If there is a tool that gives a disc jockey the ultimate control over the music, it is the Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller.

The features include multicoloured performance pads that enable quick identification of the different commands of the DJ.
The amplified MIC Input provides clear audio output that gives no room for distortion of any kind.

The jog wheel is highly accurate and provides performance at their highest levels. Its four channel mixer enables instant sound level adjustment to give you the music that you have always wanted to make.
This product builds on the popularity of its predecessor and includes two features from the DDJ-SZ. The improved jog wheel reaction time is an added advantage.

3. Numark NVII

Numark NVII | DJ Controller for Serato DJ with...
  • Dual-screen controller with new display options for professional DJ ready to keep laptop...
  • Integrated display screens let you focus on music and crowd, not the computer, during...
  • Upgraded layout with clear markings and touch-capacitive knobs for fast, responsive...

This DJ controller is what you are looking for if you want to revolutionise your playlist.

The sleek redesign and the red and white accents add to its charm. It has a dual screen controller enabled with new display options for the pro DJ who does not want the additional baggage of the laptop.
It lets you concentrate playing the music to charm the crowd. Fast and responsive operation is possible with this tool.
There are plenty of retailers who offer lucrative return policies if you aren’t happy with the product. It has been rated to be one of the best dj controller on the market.

If these points do not convince you to try it out, what will?

4. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ...
  • Updated MK2 hardware with new duo-tone design and improved fader reliability
  • Plug-and-play support for hands-on control over TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone
  • Silicone-damped jog wheels with aluminum top plates for high-resolution cueing and...

This S2 MK2 DJ Controller is in the list of best and most recommended DJ controller because it deserves to be.

It is upgraded with a new duo-design. The fader reliability is improved along with the plug-and-play support. It enables hands-on control for the iPhone and the iPod. Save 48% and get the best price offered.
It is compact, intuitive and is every DJ’s pride player. Pro-mixing is possible in just a few seconds. There is no question of waiting or the uncomfortable pause. It is sturdy and portable. Even in the darkest moments, there is no difficulty in playing it.

5. Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System

Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System
  • Dual waveform display^Beat perfect^More creative freedom^Slip mode^Slice and dice

This all-in-one dual-deck screen tool with a club-standard layout is one of the most recommended players of the year.

It is made for the next generation and completely impresses one and all alike. With two USB driven players and a two-channel mixer, it can bring anyone to the dance floor. Such is the power of the player.
It does not matter if you are a hobbyist or a professional DJ, the Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System is here to sweep you off your feet. Tactile DJs who like to use a touch-sensitive keypad prefer this to other tools on the market. Beatmatch with the best tool.
It might be considered on the heavier side, but not as much as the various equipments including the laptops and the chargers that you would bring otherwise. The customer satisfaction is high.


If you are a beginner, and want scratch and mix the music in the most creative way possible you need the best technology to facilitate you with it.

A gear that can sync with your computer and make radical changes o your playlist is what you should be looking for. Choose the right DJ Controller keeping in mind your budget, the purpose and the software in use.
The Numark DJ equipment is one of the biggest brands in the field and must always be checked out.

The Pioneer is a long lasting equipment that one can find on the market. It is a higher end DJ that can add glory to your music provided you learn the features correctly.
The native Instruments Traktor make gear that has specific buttons and features meant for their own software.

This demands for more advanced players and not suitable for beginners.
Keep Checking for discounts and get your money’s worth. These products are bound to be sold out soon and won’t be available on the market for too long. Buy cheap when you can. Pick a tool that makes life easy for you.

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Most Recommended DJ Controller List
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